Why Should We Memorize?

Although our family has chosen not to participate in Awana programs, we managed to memorize some verses and chapters over the years.  I’m realizing now that we have not memorized nearly enough because I have not made this a priority in our homeschooling.  I guess I did not understand how very important it is to walking with Christ. Somehow I was put off by the competitive nature of the various programs like Awana in addition to the behavior of some participants.  I’ve known of children who have memorized huge portions of scripture and have completed all of the paces in the Awana program but exhibited very little fruit from this.  Sadly, I’m afraid I may have thrown “the baby out with the bath water.”

John Piper has listed some reasons why he believes memorizing is so valuable.  I’d add one more reason on the end.  Memorizing scripture is important because one day our Bible (which many consider a book of hate speech) may be taken from us. I’m inspired to work harder at this and memorize more myself.  A helpful website for memorizing scripture is:   www.memverse.com/


Memorizing Scripture:

Makes meditation possible when you cannot read the Bible…allows for deeper understanding.

Strengthens my faith (faith comes by hearing the word).

Shapes the way I view the world by conforming my mind to God’s viewpoint.

Helps us overcome temptation to sin.

 It guards my mind and allows me to detect error.

 Enables me to protect myself and my family from the assaults of the devil.

 Provides the sweetest & strongest words for ministering to others in need.

 Provides the matrix for fellowship with Jesus because He talks to us through His  word.








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