The Bible

Van Gogh

I found this inspiring poem in a book titled Poems for Memorization by Rod and Staff Publishers.  This book has poems chosen for each grade level.  This particular selection is suggested for ninth grade.


“My Book! My Book! My grand old Book!”

By inspiration given!

Thy every page, from age to age,

Reveals the path to heav’n;

My Lamp of light! In nature’s night

Thy unbeclouded ray

Has turned the gloom of death’s cold tomb


To everlasting day.


“My Chart! My Chart! My changeless Chart!”

By thee I guide my bark,

A simple child on ocean wild,

O’er mountain billows dark;

By thee I steer my safe career,

With canvas all unfurled,

And onward sail before the gale,

To yonder blissful world.


Bengt Nordenberg (1822-1904)

My Staff! My Staff! My trusty Staff!”

I’ll grasp thee in my hand,

As faint and weak on Pisgah’s peak,

I view the promised land;

Not sadly told, as one of old,

To see—but not explore,

My hold I’ll keep through Jordan’s deep

Till safe on Canaan’s shore.


My Sword! My Sword! My two edged Sword!”

By thy unerring might,

I deal my foe the deadly blow,

In faith’s unequal fight;

Thy tempered blade, that lent me aid

In every conflict past,

Shall make me more than conqueror,

Through Him who loved, at last.

“My Book! My Chart! My Staff! My Sword!”

Heav’n speed thee on thy way,

From pole to pole, as ages roll,

the harbinger of day,

Till Christ, “the Light,” shall banish night

From “this terrestrial ball,”

And earth shall see her Jubilee,

And God be all in all.

2 thoughts on “The Bible

    1. I love it too! It’s so simple but has such lovely poems.
      I even turned one of them into a prayer song that we used to sing before we ate. Rod & Staff has some great products. Blessings, Anne

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