The Rule of Law

The rule of law is perhaps the most critical component of liberty. It is the bedrock of justice and America has been unique in its application. The principle that no man is above the law and that the rule of law is the stabilizing consistent standard of a free society has been under attack since January 20th 2009.

From dropping a case already won in court against the New Black Panther thugs caught on camera intimidating voters, to the declaration by the Justice Department that civil rights laws only apply to minorities and that whites need not apply…from the theft of bond holder property given to the automobile unions to the public declaration that he would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act…from the contempt of court on display when the administration refused to lift the drilling moratorium in the gulf to the contempt of Congress by the Attorney General, this administration has deemed the law is whatever they say it is.

No democratic republic can long stand without a deep and abiding belief that the law is the same for all men and not subject to the pernicious whim of a few. When the idea takes hold that the ruling class no longer answers to the will of the people…when it becomes apparent that government does not have the consent of the governed, then the social contact establishing that government is void and drastic action must be taken to re-establish that trust.

Today 77% of American’s don’t believe that this government has the consent of the governed.

All of this is true, but what happened last Thursday when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court totally ignored the Constitution and the stated intent of the Congress and the President to declare the requirement for all citizens to purchase a government approved health care policy as the legally binding law of the land, we may have reached a tipping point in American history.
The next few months will determine whether we remain a free people or willingly become serfs subject to every whim of our ruling elite.
We the people will either submit to this decree from Washington DC that they may regulate every action, every choice, every minute of our existence…or, we will stand up and declare this dictatorial government shall not continue to flaunt our founding principles of liberty and equality. The America we pass on to the next generation hangs in the balance. The actions we take over the next few months will determine the future of freedom on this planet for generations to come.

It is heartening to hear that many…perhaps a majority of the states are refusing to submit to the dictates of Washington and will not implement the insurance exchanges and are refusing to dramatically expand their medical welfare roles. But, this is not enough.

Now is the time to reassert the principles of federalism and states’ rights embodied in the 10th amendment. The states must stand united in their intention to pursue a course of civil disobedience by refusing to implement any of the measures contained in the Affordable Care Act within their borders and assert that these complaints will not be satisfied until the law is completely repealed in its entirety.

Now is the time for a second Declaration of Independence…to cast off the smothering dictates of an over reaching and too powerful centralized government and restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government intended by our founding fathers.

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2 thoughts on “The Rule of Law

  1. Sad sad state of affairs. I fear that god fearing men and women are not involved in politics. On THC I posted about ‘how we can involve our children in politics’ and I only got one response and that was in the negative. Sad Sad. Lord help us and save our nation from further destruction.

    1. Keep on posting about it….bringing up the conversation anyway. Folks will wake up when it hits them harder. Many Christians reply that “The Lord is coming back anyway” The Lord may or He may not for 100 years! We must all be engaged in order to win this battle against progressivism, secular humanism, communism etc. It is a spiritual battle as well. Praying for our America. God Bless you Dana as you train, disciple and serve your family. ~Anne

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