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We Have Been Blessed!

If you have a grateful heart this Thanksgiving…wonderful!  If not….listen to this song.

I Love my Cuban American Friends!

voteFor most Americans the idea of legal immigration is a blessing.  We are a generous country and a melting pot that welcomes all.  Unless we are Native Americans, we all have a link to our mother country. Our ancestors came here hoping for a better life, seeking liberties that were oftentimes absent in our homes across the seas. Our grandparents wanted to become Americans and they were proud ones.  They never even called themselves “Irish-Amercans” or “Scottish-Americans” because they were simply Americans. My friends from Cuba remind me of this when they proudly speak of their new found freedoms in America; they are so very patriotic! 
My dear friend Emma is like this. We became friends talking to each other about our love for this country.  She values freedom more than most because she knows what it is like to live under a communist regime.  She understands the misery of not being able to practice her faith, or being told to spy on her neighbors.  She understands the sadness of poverty and the inability to improve ones circumstances under communism.  She is enraged when she sees some ignorant person wearing a Che Guevara Tee Shirt  because she knows the truth about this hipster icon; who was actually a mass murderer. She also knows that if she expressed this thought in Cuba she would have been arrested and sent to a work camp. Emma values freedom and God given liberties more than most Americans. She expressed some of her thoughts very sincerely in the following list. I asked her if I could post this on my website, I hope you will  understand her heart and come to realize as she has that our Country will be lost if we do not vote for and value freedom.

I feel compelled to tell my Facebook friends why I am voting Conservative.

1.  I already lived in a Godless country and don’t want to repeat the experience.

2.  It took my family 8 years to leave the country after the application date   including   8 1/2 months of forced work as a punishment for wanting to leave Cuba. I was 15 years old when they took me out of school to put me in this awful place; a work camp which was heavily guarded by the military.  Yes, I vote for LEGAL immigration because it is a privilege to live in this wonderful nation.

3.  I could have had siblings, but because  mother had several abortions, I am an only child.  I will always vote against killing the unborn,  It is murder and has been a great sorrow for me.

4.  My family left Cuba to have Freedom.  Freedom of speech, and religion…to be able to live in dignity, peace and liberty.  The liberal party does not value these freedoms.

5.I vote for the constitutional rights that our forefathers fought for.  Since I lived as all the Cuban people have for over 50+ years, without the right to vote for the president of the country, I will always practice this right. This country, that opened it’s arms to my family is the only beacon of light for people around the world.  I vote conservative because my love for what conservative represents.  I admire and respect all who have fought for it and those who still defend it at home or abroad.  Leaving my children and grandchildren a God loving country; a safe place to live and raise their families, where they can reach their goals and take advantage of the opportunities offered to them.  This is my priority as I approach the golden years. Yes, I am a conservative and I vote to have our values and principles be taught in schools for a better society, otherwise, the socialistic ideals of the progressive liberals will destroy the main fabric of this great nation.

God Bless us….God Bless America,



Voting Your Conscience

images.duckduckgo.com(8)Dear Homeschool Families,

Well, the presidential election is just around the corner.   Are you interested?  Some folks are, some not so much.   Either way, please take a moment to read my note to you.

 My decision to share my thoughts with you, as well as my decision to vote this year, is influenced a lot by my love and devotion to my kiddos, and my concern for their future. I believe much is at stake and I’m concerned that many Christians will throw away their vote.  Because I’m not so keen on my options, I might consider opting out. Sitting this one out. That’s what I’ve heard many of my friends suggest. But the more I think about it, I realize that’s really not an option after all. Oh, we can decide not to participate in the vote, but we can’t opt out of the game. The game is “life”, and we can’t opt out. The only thing we can hope to influence, is by whose rules we will be playing the game. So it’s important to consider what those rules will look like under each candidate.

  I know a few local pastors have discouraged Christians from voting this time, and I think that’s a shame.  I see no difference between this election or any  previous

election.  While maybe this time the media has made us more aware of the personal flaws in our candidate options, I’m pretty certain that if the same scrutiny was given in past elections, we would have found some pretty disappointing character flaws or associations in previous candidates as well.  So if these pastors are fine with voting for Reagan, (who had been a democrat, supported abortion, been divorced, etc.), this election should be no different for Christians exercising their privilege, right and responsibility to vote for our country’s leadership.

The advice to skip voting this election, reminds me of Pontius Pilate thinking that by washing his hands and not making a decision on Jesus’ guilt, he would not be considered responsible.  He could attempt to remove himself from the situation, but the truth is that he did have the ability to influence the outcome of Jesus’ fate.  Likewise, we can withhold our vote, but by doing so, we bear some responsibility in the outcome of the election and the future of our country.  As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

Here is a quote from Franklin Graham’s Facebook page that I appreciated:

“The responsibility for future generations is in our hands. How you exercise your privilege to vote and who you vote for is going to determine the type of life your children and grandchildren have. Every Christian needs to pray and to vote. The America I grew up in is quickly disappearing, but with God’s help and your prayers, things can change.”

Below are links to a few conservative voter’s guides to help you make informed decisions on many of the options on the current ballot. Usually, the presidential choice is a clear and easy one. But this year, I am aware that many are struggling with this issue. Matt Shea gives a good perspective on what the core issue is really about. I hope these links are helpful as you fill out your ballot.




It is not my intention to scold anyone. On the contrary, I have been wrestling with this election and my role in it for weeks/months. Maybe you have too. But it is my intention to challenge all of us to think carefully about what is at stake and encourage us all to vote

. And I’m hoping that we all understand that even if we don’t cast a ballot, we ARE CASTING A VOTE, by “not voting”. A withheld vote WILL HELP one candidate or the other get elected

and is a missed opportunity to elect leadership that can slow down the decline of our country

. That’s a huge responsibility weighing on us, because elections have consequences.

So, I’m going to follow Ted Cruz’s advice, when he suggested we vote our conscience. My conscience won’t let me rest knowing I had any role, even by not voting at all, in helping to get Hillary Clinton elected and there by moving our society even further away from anything that reflects Christian values as the norm. Not only do I feel I have to answer to the Lord for that, I will also have to answer to my children and grandchildren.

So  yes, I will vote for Trump.  Not because I’m impressed with him, or find him a great role model.  But because my concern regarding where the democratic party will continue to take this country is much greater than any criticism or disappointment I have regarding Trump as an individual.  We live under the rules of the political party that we allow to get elected.   Even the Bible acknowledges the importance and consequences of certain leadership.  While it may be argued that Trump individually falls short of the righteous title (as we all do, outside of the righteousness of Christ), the party and platform he will lead under our form of government champions Judeo-Christian values on many of the important issues that generally concern Christians.

   When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule,the people mourn.   Proverbs 29:2

Please allow me to humbly share my journey. I don’t have time to write a polished essay on this subject, so I will simply pour out my thoughts and share my heart.

~ I’m a Christian, and although I would be considered conservative when it comes to most political platforms, I don’t pledge allegiance to any particular political party. However, each of the political parties has a platform or agenda or direction they desire to push the country in, so I do my best to vote for the party whose agenda most closely fits or least violates my Christian worldview. And whether we like the candidates we get to choose from or not, bottom line is that one of these parties will be in power and one agenda, or the other, will be steering the ship of our country.

~ Yes, I’m disappointed with my choice of candidates. I would have preferred a candidate that personally reflects more of my Christian worldview, but I’m beyond hoping for that. Our general society has moved so far from traditional values, and even the church and professing Christians have moved so far from fundamental, traditional values in many cases, that it is highly unlikely that this country would elect a candidate who thinks wholly like a fundamental, evangelical Christian. So that is not my expectation at this point in history, and I realize I am not electing a pastor and my vote does not indicate that I condone or support the individual candidate’s personal life on all fronts.   But I am prepared to vote for whoever comes the closest to promoting Judeo-Christian values.  And with each election that Christians “take their marbles and go home”, rather than cast a vote, it becomes that much harder to move the needle back towards a Christian society.

~ Regardless of who I was cheering for during the primary election time, the bottom line now is that we have 2 choices: Clinton and Trump. One of these two people will be our next president. It might be important for us to be familiar with what direction they and their political party’s agenda and the people they appoint have pledged to take this country.

~ For those of us who have taught civics, elections or high school government to our kids, we are familiar with something that is easy to forget. We aren’t electing a king or a ruler. We are electing a person at the helm of a platform. And while that person may be a disappointment to me, at this point, that person is pledging to further a platform and the agenda that goes with it. So it is helpful to take our focus off of the person, and look more closely at the overall agenda they represent. That’s difficult to do when the individual may rub us wrong or offend us.

~ Sometimes the line is kind of blurry between the two agenda choices. But this election, the line is very clear. The agenda’s are quite opposite. And you get to choose. Here are just a few comparisons of the platform issues each candidate represents:

Pro Life – Protect unborn children by appointing Supreme Court judges that will overturn laws that put them at risk, and will take taxpayer money away from funding abortions through organizations like Planned Parenthood.


Pro Abortion – Disregard unborn children by appointing Supreme Court judges that will uphold and protect laws that allow for up to full term abortions.

(If you watched the last debate, both candidates boldly declared what they would do to further their party’s agenda on the abortion issue.)~~~~~~~~~~

Conservative Supreme Court judge appointments – that will uphold the Constitution, according to how the American framers traditionally intended, rather than make changes or interpret laws that reflect popular culture and trends. MANY issues and freedoms are at stake. Religious, education, 2nd amendment, parental rights, traditional marriage… just to name a few.


Liberal Supreme Court judge appointments – who believe the Constitution is a “living” document meant to adapt to the social and politically correct pressures of the day, that will interpret the Constitution to reflect the liberal, pop culture society on every moral and freedom issue. The democrat party, via the judges they appoint, boldly promises to uphold legalized abortion, implement tougher gun control laws, redefine marriage, further a socialized economy (“free” college – {by the way, not free – way higher taxes will pay for it!}, “free” healthcare – {are you kidding!!? Our health insurance doubled in Jan. due to Obamacare. Our premiums had to sky rocket to pay for the “free” healthcare they promised everyone.} And Obamacare was upheld in the Supreme Court because it was actually a legal TAX on the people.)

( Again, if you watched the debate, it was telling to hear directly from the candidates’ mouths, their intentions regarding Supreme Court judge nominations. They made no attempt to hide their plans to appoint either traditional/conservativejudges or far left/ liberal judges. And if you missed it, a conservative judge died suddenly a few months ago, and there is a current vacancy that will tip the court one direction or another. THIS ISSUE ALONE WARRANTS OUR ACTION IN VOTING. It could easily be a generation before there will be another chance to influence the Supreme Court. And there are a lot of parental, social, religious, educational, and moral freedoms that will be stomped on under a liberal court. We owe it to our children to do what we can to protect their freedom to live a life where they can enjoy the same freedoms we have enjoyed.)


Capitalism/Free Market Economy


Socialist Economy
(If you don’t know what socialism looks like, read Animal Farm by George Orwell. It is short and actually entertaining. But if you read it as intended, it will give you a chilling look at how socialism plays out in society. To quote, “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” Also, we need to ask ourselves if we are more comfortable economically these past 8 years? Jobs are scarce, wages are low, insurance premiums are sky high, food, gas, utilities etc., are higher, and taxes are increasing. It cost a lot of money to fund a socialist society and those are the policies that have been implemented these past several years, and the goal is to go even farther with it. Once again, I feel a responsibility to do my part to secure for my children a chance at a normal standard of living and economic freedom, and therefore, I am compelled to vote.)


National Security – where secure borders are important, and legal immigrants are vetted in order to protect the safety and economy of our citizens.


National “Insecurity” – Clinton stated that she wants completely open borders!

(When I look on a map, it is the “borders” that define a country. Without borders, we have no country.)~~~~~~~

Pro Israel


Conservative/patriotic associations


Liberal/communist associations ~~~~~

Both of the candidates have questionable moral issues in their past (although, don’t we all?), both are often childish or rude (but that seems to be the current political norm). But I think our focus must be on the national and long term issues at stake. For our children’s sake.

These are just a few of the topics that will have long lasting consequences for our families. I am no political expert. I realize that both political parties are filled with elitists and they are not that concerned about who wins elections because they benefit either way. It is you and me and our children that will be affected in so many ways.  And so I ask that each of us pray and consider what is at stake, and please exercise your privilege to vote, as well as encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Below are a couple of links to two pastors and their thoughts on this election. If you are undecided or considering not voting, please take a moment to watch.

Franklin Graham – www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTX1oyJanXY

Franklin Graham on Christianity Today –www.christiantoday.com/article/franklin.graham.on.why.christian.voters.cannot.be.silent.the.church.needs.to.take.a.stand.for.gods.truth/98926.htm  

Reverend Robert Jeffress


And finally, I’ve also included below the thoughts of a local Pastor, Ken Ortiz, from Calvary Spokane.


10 Reasons to Stop Hillary

  1.  Perhaps honesty is not an important value in our culture, however,  if one cares about votea leader being truthful, supporting Hillary Clinton is not a reasonable choice for President.  Her manipulations and deceptions are so obvious and even though they are ignored by the left and also most media, they cannot be overlooked by the voter.  It’s interesting to me that when someone on the right is found to be a deceiver, they will suffer for it and will loose support.  But the left are loyal to their own; no matter how corrupt they are. Do your own research on this. Hillary lied about the Benghazi attack saying it was caused because of a video. She deceived the American people when she denied receiving any classified emails.  She even distorted the truth about arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire. All of this and more can be found easily as you do your own homework on Hillary’s fraudulence. Is she worthy of our trust now as she campaigns for President?

Pure Adoration

images.duckduckgo.com(8)Although I have no babies waking me anymore, most nights around 3am, my eyes pop open.  It’s quite frustrating because I really want to feel refreshed in the morning after a wonderful undisturbed night of sleep.  But sleep is often  harder to come by these days…. and so I’m up thinking, walking around, drinking some water…and praying.  Actually, for some reason, I’m able to pray better at 3am. I’ve talked to others….especially other Moms who also are awake at this time.  Does the Lord awaken us all so that we will talk to him?

One night as I was praying, I was particularly worried.  Worried about everything.  My family, my children, my unsaved friends and relatives, my health, my husbands health, my siblings, our country and where it’s headed.  I could go on and on. All of my worries about the future seemed amplified as well…things seem much worse at 3 am; don’t they?  In the quiet, with only the hum of our ceiling fan, I heard from the Lord.  Well, I think it was Him. It was not an audible voice I heard…but a still small voice in my heart that said…”It’s not all about you.”   It was as if I got a glimpse of His glory…and I worshiped him and thought about his awesomeness.  I can’t really explain it, but for those few minutes I understood.  It’s not that we shouldn’t pray about things…we should.  But really this life is not about us.  It’s about HIM.  We are here to glorify Him. I found this magazine clipping that has been tucked in my Bible for years.  I thought it was so profound…and so beautiful as it describes what Pure Adoration means.

….the highest adoration is not occupied with the re-collection of favors received and mercies extended, though they do help one be aware of the true nature of God.  There is still, in all such recollection, a remnant of that self-centeredness which it should be the purpose of prayer to escape. In it, we are still thinking of God in terms of something done to “me” and for “me.”  We never really adore Him, until we arrive at the moment when we worship Him for what He is in Himself, apart from any consideration of the impact of His Divine Selfhood upon our desires and our welfare.  Then we love Him for Himself alone.  Then we adore Him, regardless of whether any personal benefit is in anticipation or not.  Then it is not what He has done for us or what we expect Him to do for us but what He has been from eternity before we existed, and what He is now even if we were not here to need Him, and what He will be forever whether that “forever” includes us or not-it is that which captivates us and evokes from us the selfless offering of self in worship.  That is pure adoration.  Nothing less is worthy of the name.

~From An Autobiography of Prayer by Albert E. Day

Is Capitalism Moral?

Are You Really a Socialist?

“The Goal of Socialism is Communism”-Vladimir Lenin

Our Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities have done an excellent job of converting our youth to the ideas of socialism and communism. Who would ever have believed that our America would have so many people willing to elect a socialist for President? Parents….please educate your children or they will be indoctrinated as well.


War on Boys

He Is Risen!!!!!!!

Prayer for the Home

Mama’s Mama

ladies washing by a stream Mama’s Mama, on a winter’s day,
Milked the cows and fed them hay,
Slopped the hogs, saddled the mule,
And got the children off to school.

Did a washing, mopped the floors,
Washed the windows and did some chores.
Cooked a dish of home-dried fruit,
Pressed her husband’s Sunday suit,
Swept the parlor, made the bed,
Baked a dozen loaves of bread.

Split some wood and lugged it in,
Enough to fill the kitchen bin,
Cleaned the lamps and put in oil,
Stewed some apples she thought might spoil,
Churned the butter, baked a cake,
Then exclaimed: “For Mercy’s sake,
The calves have got out of the pen!”
Went out and chased them in again.

Gathered the eggs and locked the stable,
Returned to the house and set the table,
Cooked a supper that was delicious,
And afterwards washed all the dishes,
Fed the cat, sprinkled the clothes,
Mended a basket full of hose,
Then opened the organ and began to play,
“When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day.”

by: Anna Rees Henton

The Ultimate Career

Ultimate career

The Speech Every 2015 Grad Needs to Hear

God in America Again!

June 26, 2015

elections have consequences



Today is Flag Day!

homecoming-marine-rockwellToday we celebrate Flag Day.  Are you still proud of our flag?  Are you proud to be an American?  I am.  However,  if political correctness has its way our freedom to speak and think freely may be lost…simply being proud of our Country or of our flag may be considered to be a form of microagression.  Shockingly, but typical for the  so very “tolerant”  left,  Janet Napolitano,  former secretary of homeland Security and now President of the University of California system has banned certain words and phrases which may be a form of microagression.  Apparently, if you  express that “America is the land of opportunity”  you are being offensive.

Please practice and support your God given right to think and speak and believe as you wish.  Please spread the word about this crime of political correctness before it’s too late.  For more information on this story click here.

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Three brothers ages 10, 14. and 15, play three amazing blue grass tunes.  Delightful music….refreshing to watch.  Enjoy!