Shipwrecked But Not Lost

18 February 2015


Even though we are homeschooling highschool…and even though we are on the go more these days with various classes and activities, our family read-aloud time continues on whenever possible.  Reading to your kiddos forces discussions that otherwise might never occur.  Shipwrecked But Not Lost proved to be an excellent choice for a quick family read aloud that supports many of the values the biblical homeschooler cares about. This particular story almost reads like a devotional during some chapters especially when the young cousins Alexis and Ivan  cry out to God throughout their very dangerous journey while stranded in the arctic during a long winter.  These two young men  refused to listen to  the advice of their father and instead put themselves under the leadership of a captain.  Through near death experiences while stranded in the arctic these impulsive young boys realized the error of heeding to foolish counsel. Trusting in God’s mercy they were able to survive, but had to fight wolves, bears, icebergs and frigid temperatures.  Like many of the Lamplighter books, Shipwrecked, But Not Lost  provides yet one more opportunity to disciple and train through discussion.  This short novel would be a good choice for a family read-aloud or bedtime story.


The Most Persecuted Minority

17 January 2015

Animal Farm

16 January 2015

852654 Although not a favorite, reading George Orwell’ s Animal Farm with my teens was definitely not a waste of time. It allowed for many discussions about  the evils of communism,  the importance of freedom of speech and thought, and even the value of education without indoctrination.  Animal Farm is a classic  and one to consider reading as a family during highschool years because it allows for yet one more world view lesson before homeschool graduation.

While reading Animal Farm the proverb, “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to life through a barnyard of animals who decide to start a revolution and overthrow their human owners replacing them with a whole new system led by the more intelligent and “educated”  pigs who eventually evolve into evil tyrants.  This short novel if read like a literature professor would,  is actually a history lesson about the failures of communism or if simply read without analysis; a silly fairy tale about barnyard animals.  Read this novel with your family and talk about liberty and how it can easily be lost.  Talk to them about our leaders today and decide which ones resemble the lazy dictator pigs in this story. Talk to them about the elitist attitudes prevalent in our society today and about those who actually still believe in the utopian communist ideal. Although this was not my favorite book…. it was an important book and worthy to have in one’s library…one to discuss around the kitchen table…perhaps while eating bacon. ;)


The Hiding Place

16 January 2015

thehidingplaceMy boys and I finished reading The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom over a month ago, and still I’m reflecting, talking, and even praying about these amazing God-fearing people who lived not so long ago in Holland. Oh Lord I pray, let me respond to difficult circumstances and unkind people as Betsie did. Help me to have a grateful heart and to look for the good in every situation like she was able to do. Oh Lord, please allow me to learn to forgive those who have hurt me…just as Corrie learned to forgive. And Lord may our home be as welcoming to friends and strangers as their quaint Dutch home was during the scary years of the Nazi invasion in Holland. I remind my teenage young men to have grateful hearts and to display more grace with others just as the Boom family did.
This moving story will change your life if you allow, and it will give you powerful tools to use when you face persecution, hardship or tribulation of any kind.
It begins in such an ordinary homey yet pleasant setting where you get to know the everyday comings and goings of the ten Boom family. You learn they are devoted to practicing hospitality with all who enter their home and watchmakers shop. You get to know their dear father who read from the scriptures each evening after dinner. Mostly though, you learn that these folks lived out their faith by loving all people regardless of ethnicity, religion or position. To the ten Boom family, each person they came into contact with was worthy of respect and love because they were created in the image of God. corrie-ten-boom
Even though Corrie ten Boom and her family were regular folk they performed amazing and extraordinary tasks because they walked by faith all while being committed to simply doing the right thing. Because they hid many Jews whom they called “The apple of God’s eye” during the Nazi occupation of Holland, they were sent to concentration camps where they experienced profound horror, humiliation, and hunger. Even in the midst of so much evil they continued to show God’s love and practice forgiveness. How they could pray for, love and even forgive the Nazi soldiers is beyond my comprehension but they did this not through their own strength or will but through the power of Christ.
I highly recommend this book to homeschooling families. Please read this to your children so that they will know more about this period of history and so that they will be able to see true Christianity in action.
By the way, did you know that this book has been banned at the Springs Charter school in Temecula, California? Can you imagine a book about a family helping others escape the horrors of the Holocaust being pulled from the school shelves? Evidently the library attendants were told to remove all books with a Christian message, by a Christian author, or published by a Christian publishing company. How ignorant and sad for these folks. Perhaps they do not realize that much of the greatest literature of Western Civilization was written by people of faith. Indeed,they must eliminate many many wonderful books if this is their standard.
For more information and to visit the Ten Boom Museum click here.

Connecting the Dots

31 December 2014

We may be our own worst enemy sabotaging our  happiness and  success,  by failing to connect the dots. We act as though there are no associations between the choices we make on a daily basis and the circumstances we find ourselves in. Even though we are Bible believers who quote verses about sowing and reaping and teach our children about consequences for actions, we often fail to view ourselves honestly or realize that for the most part, we have caused our own predicaments.  Maybe our children are rude or aggressive because we allow them to watch rude and aggressive programming on television or have unhealthy friendships with naughty children. Maybe we find ourselves lonely because we fail to be friendly, practice hospitality, and open ourselves up to others. Maybe our children struggle with certain subjects because we are not disciplined or consistent enough studying these subjects. Maybe we are overweight simply because we put too much food in our mouths.  Maybe we are stressed because we consistently over-book ourselves.  Maybe we are broke because we fail to stay on a budget.

This post  directed at myself mostly is a result of my annual self examination that seems to happen at the end of each year. If this applies to you as well,  join me in asking God to help connect the dots.  Please Lord by your grace and mercy may you allow me to take responsibility for my own actions and view myself honestly.  Help me to  stop blaming others… and connect the dots. ~Amen

Carol of the Bells

23 December 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas~Straight No Chaser

23 December 2014

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

22 December 2014

A Christmas Classic

22 December 2014

The Snowman

22 December 2014

The Tailor of Gloucester

22 December 2014


24 November 2014

feeding-the-birdO Lord, if heedless we have been
Fighting the fight the whole year through;
If we have fallen into sin,
Seeming to have forgotten You;
Today, O Lord, we halt our pace,
To thank Thee for Thy kindly grace,

Through all the turmoil and the strife,
Through woe and weal, through pomp and pride;
Through troubles of our business life
May we acknowledge you our guide.
The prayers that nightly we should say,
Dear Lord, we offer You today.

Headlong we’ve rushed from day to day,
Content to know “Thy will be done;”
Neglecting oft to kneel and pray,
When darkness hid the setting sun.
But oh! dear Father, now we bend,
A prayer of gratitude to send.

The many gifts You have bestowed,  family praying in the morning
Mutely and dumbly we received;
Grumbling as neath a stinging goad,
And showing not that we believed;
Taking Your blessings, gracious Lord,
Not giving back one thankful word.

But, Father, now we bend the knee,
And offer up our grateful prayer;
Though we have walked away from Thee,
Restore us to your gracious care.
For what ingratitude we’ve shown,
Dear Lord, today we would atone.

Edgar Guest

Thanks to God (Lyrics & Chords)

22 November 2014

couple praying

G                                                Am                            D7
Thanks to God for my redeemer. Thanks for all thou dost provide.
G                                 C                                D7                G
Thanks for times now but a memory. Thanks for Jesus by my side.
C                                G                               A7                          D
Thanks for pleasant balmy springtime. Thanks for dark and dreary fall.
G                         C                                          G     D7              G
Thanks for tears by now forgotten. Thanks for peace within my soul.

                               G                                      Am                                D7                       G
Thanks for prayers that thou has answered. Thanks for what thou dost deny.
G                                     C                                   D7                           G
Thanks for storms that I have weathered. Thanks for all thou dost supply.
C                                    G                                           A7                D
Thanks for pain and thanks for pleasure. Thanks for comfort in despair.
G                                   C                                     G         D7             G
Thanks for grace that none can measure. Thanks for love beyond compare.
G                        Am                                  D7                              G
Thanks for roses by the wayside. Thanks for thorns their stems contain.
G                                    C                                    D7                           G
Thanks for home and thanks for fireside. Thanks for hope that sweet refrain.
C                                     G                                     A7                            D
Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow. Thanks for heavenly peace with thee!
G                         C                                           G    D7 G
Thanks for hope in the tomorrow. Thanks through all eternity.
G  D7  G
Thanks through all eternity!

Thanks to God

21 November 2014

I sent this out to my relatives who are coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  I hope they will sing it with me on Thanksgiving. :)

Glad to be Sheltered

19 November 2014

the good shepherdBecause this topic of sheltering is so important and still comes up now and then, even in homeschooling circles, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts.  The subject of sheltering or protecting one’s children,  may be subtly mentioned at a gathering of homeschool moms, at the curbside with a neighbor,  or even at church. Many folks these days….even some homeschoolers,  are quite proud of the fact that they do not believe in “over” sheltering their children. They confidently  declare, “I don’t believe in sheltering my children because I want them to know how to make it in the real world” or “I think children need to be given plenty of freedom so that they can make mistakes while still under our roof. ” In the past, especially when our children were younger, folks have actually suggested that my husband and I are sheltering our children so much that when they are on their own they will turn completely wild; having no self-control whatsoever. Clearly, there are no guarantees, and  because our children have free will,  sadly, it is possibly that they may go astray.  Regardless of this sad fact,  we parents are called to be watchman, good shepherds,  and gate-keepers for our families.

These ideas of permissive parenting, make me pause and wonder…where is the verse in the Bible that mentions: “Thou shalt expose thy children to plenty of wrongdoing , so that when they are older they will not partake any longer.”  My husband and I work at protecting our children from temptations and even though we are conscious of this all the time, sadly, we have sometimes failed.  No matter how careful we are, because we live in this world  and battle with our old sin nature,  each of us will  be exposed to evil.   Yet, when  someone speaks ill of  the idea of sheltering children, I feel grieved and disappointed and begin to wonder what they want their children to be exposed to anyway.  Aren’t we all exposed enough just living in this world?  Do they want to add to this by allowing their children to watch R rated programs, hang out with neighbor kids at the liquor store, have access to the internet, go to dances, attend drinking parties, hang out with unbelievers…what?  Not really.  It seems that for Christian families, it may sound more like….”I want my children to participate in sleep-overs, have plenty of unsupervised conversation with peers, and very limited time with family…especially mom and dad.”  “I want them to be very active in youth programs and church activities away from our own family.”  Maybe they won’t admit that…but that’s the way it plays out. One dear Christian friend of mine who’s son began taking drugs, remarked “I don’t know what happened, he was in youth group at church all the time!” I pray that the Lord will help us to connect the dots and realize that often our difficulties arise  because of our own bad choices.

Have you ever passed by a really stinky garbage can? You know it is so offensive and smelly that you walk around it, hopefully avoiding the awful stench. It may have dirty diapers, old chicken bones, moldy food, maybe even maggots crawling around in it. You can tell just by walking by, that it is something to be avoided. It never occurs to us that we should examine it closer…perhaps rummaging through the contents a bit.   We would never taste of its contents to see how awful and  unacceptable it is.   If we are exposed to the rotten food, and actually taste it…..would that be helpful and give us tools to survive in the real world?

I’m sure you get my sarcasm here and understand my point.  My husband and I are careful to discuss what’s going on in this world with our children as we don’t want them to be ignorant, naive and vulnerable.  Surely, they are going to know about the contents in that trash can. We are exposed all the time just by keeping up with current events on the news.  Even with careful gatekeeping and sheltering our children will see things that will make us cringe. It is impossible to protect them from everything because we live in such a wicked generation.  Although our children will know about the evil and sin in the world,  they will not need to hang out with it.

We believe in sheltering our children. My husband believes in sheltering me and I shelter him. Thankfully our Lord shelters us…and may He never stop. He shelters us like a good shepherd….He leads us beside the still waters.  He leads us in the paths of righteousness.  Praise be to God that He doesn’t send us to places where we will be vulnerable and tempted to sin. Thanks to the Lord that He reminds us to run from evil…even the appearances of evil.norman-rockwell-freedom-from-fear

May the Lord bless you as you train and disciple your children…protecting and sheltering them as the Lord shelters us. ~Anne

(Rom. 12:1-2), “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

(Isaiah 40:11) He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

(Mark 9:42) And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Psalm 23:1-4 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.  He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.  Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Why Are Folks Visiting Educators at Home?

18 November 2014

woman by windowI’ve probably had this website for over 10 years now.  I would say this site is a combination of spiritual stuff, political opinion, and homeschooling encouragement.  It reflects my passions in life.  I love my Lord Jesus, and although I fail him daily, I walk with him as I stumble through each day.  So, I post about Him…songs, poetry, etc.  I love my country too and am heartsick about the direction it is heading.  So I post patriotic poems, prayers for America and information about those things that undermine our liberties here in this great land.  Homeschooling is something I care about deeply too because it allows folks to pass on their values to their children.  Homeschooling is the best way to mentor and teach our precious kiddos.  Homeschooling helps keep us free.

Lately, I do not post much and I’m somewhat uninspired.  Homeschooling highschool keeps me out of my home more and so I don’t have the opportunity to spend so much time at the computer.  Sometimes though, I like to visit the back page of this website and I’m able to see what folks are viewing.  I can see what country or state they are visiting from and what they have been searching for….why they have landed at Educatorsathome.   Guess what I’ve found?  Guess what folks are interested in? Guess what is the most interesting item for folks these days? Cinnamon Rolls! The last 100 hits to this site have been to view a recipe using Bisquick baking mix to make cinnamon roles.  I have some recipes here at Educators at Home but these are not something I’m so passionate about….they are just for fun.   Well, evidently I should have started a website about Bisquick recipes.  I would have been so popular by now.   But then….I’ve never been the popular type. I sure do hope there are other folks who care about God, America and Homeschooling.


Only Jesus Saves

7 November 2014

jesus saves church

My church cannot save me and your church cannot save you. This is because no church died for us. No pope, prophet, no apostle no bishop, no pastor, no evangelist can save us, because none of them
died for us. But here is the name of the one who did die for us. It is JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Only
Jesus saves! God bless you. Only He can save us, Only He can heal us, Only He can fix us JESUS!!!!

More Than a Watchman

6 November 2014

Thanks be to our Lord….for His mercy upon us here in America.  Praying always for peace…and for Israel.